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1.         Army Recruitment Rally will be held for eligible candidates of districts Hojai, Biswanath, Nagaon, Sonitpur & Morigaon from 06 Feb 2021 to 25 Feb 2021 at Mariani, Assam.  Online registration is mandatory and will be open from
25 Dec 20 to 23 Jan 2021. Admit Cards for the rally will be sent through registered e-mail from 24 Jan 2021 to   05 Feb
2021.  Candidates should reach the venue on given date and time as mentioned in the Admit Card.

2.         Candidates  will be  screened  for  following  categories  and  as  per Qualitative  Requirements  mentioned  below
(Mention only the categories being screened in the notifications).

4.         Candidates are required to bring following documents/certificates in original with two attested photocopies with them to the rally site :-
Admit Car d.  Printed with Laser Printer on good quality paper (Do not shrink the size).
(b)Photograph. Twenty copies of unattested Passport size colour photographs developed on good quality
photographic paper in   white background not more than three months old.   Computer printouts/ photoshopped photographs will NOT be accepted.
(c)Education Cer tificate.    Education Certificates with marks sheet in original of all educational qualif ications
achieved by candidate i.e Martic/Intermediate/Graduation  etc from recognized School/College/Board/University. Provisional/Online education certificate should be certified ink signed by the head of the educational institut ion of concerned Board/University.   Candidates with matric certificates from open school should bring school leaving
certificate countersigned by BEO/DEO.
(d)Domic ile Cer tificate.    Domicile / Nativity Certificate with photograph issued by Teshildar/District Magistrate
or any other government officer of the same rank will only be accepted.
(e)Caste Cer tificate.   Caste Certificate affixed with photograph issued by the Tehsildar/District Magistrate.
(f)Religion  Cer tificate.               Religion    Certificate    issued    by    the    Teshildar/SDM    (if    religion    as
“SIKH/HINDU/MUSLIM/CHRISTIAN” is not mentioned in caste certificate.
(g)School Character   Cer tificate.           School   character   certificate   issued   by   the   School/College
Principal/headmaster where the candidate last studied.
(h)Character  Cer tificate.        Character  Certificate with  photograph  issued  by  Village  Sarpanch/Muncipal
Corporation within last six months.
(j)Unmarr ied Certificate.    Unmarried Certificate for candidates less than 21 years of age with photographs
issued by village Sarpanch/Muncipal Corporation within last six months.
(k)Relationship Cer tificate.       SOS/SOEX/SOW/SOWW  candidate  are  required  to  provide  the  following
documents :-
(i)    Relationship certificate issued from respective records office only duly signed by records Officer with Personal number, Rank , Name and particular of the records officer issuing the relationship Certificate with office seal/stamp is endorsed.
(ii)   A declaration to the effect as mentioned in the affidavit on Ten Rupees Non-judicia l stamp paper prepared by ESM duly signed by 1st  Class/Executive/Judicial Magistrate is required to be submitted by candidates at rally site. Format of affidavit attached as per Appendix ‘A’.
(iii)   Original Discharge Book of Ex-Serviceman also to be produced, Name and date of birth of the candidate must have been recorded in it.
(l)NCC Cer tificate.   NCC A/B/C certificates and Republic Day Parade certificate should have photograph of the
candidate  duly  attested  by  issuing  authority  Provisional  NCC A/B/C pass certificates  will only  be  accepted  if authenticated by concerned NCC Group Commanders.
(m)Standard of Weight.   Weight for height chart will be standard for all categories of personal.  The chart is
based on MBI is attached as Appendix ‘B’.
(n)Spor ts Certificate.
(i)   Sports persons can attend a recruitment rally as a normal candidate.  Upon meeting the requisite age, education, physical & medical criteria and clearing the Physical Fitness Test, the candidates are eligible for  undertaking   the  Common   Entrance   Examination.      Sports   persons   are  given  bonus   marks
commensurate to their level of participation in Sports competitions is attached as Appendix ‘C’.
(ii)  The sports certificates issued by authorised sports federations are valid for two years from the issue date as on first day of the recruitment rally, for which the candidates is being screened.
(iii) List of sports for enrolment is attached as Appendix ‘D’.
(oAff idavit.    Duly signed by candidate on Rs 10/- Non judicial Stamp paper as per attached at Appendix  ‘E’
duly attested by notary will be submitted by candidate.
(p)Single Bank A/C, PAN Car d & AADHAR  Card.  Single Bank A/C, PAN Card & Aadhar Card are mandatory
documents for final enrolment for purpose of pay and allowances and other social benefits scheme.

Important Instr uctions.

5.          Administration.       Candidates  are  advised  to  bring  sufficient  eatables  and  drinking  water with  them  since
recruitment is a time consuming process.

6.         Candidates  will be permitted  entry  into  the rally site only on production  of Admit Card in duplicate
generated online through the official website  www.joinindianarmy.nic.in . Anyone found with fake admit card will be handed over to civil police.


8.         Candidates are advised to check their age & education criteria before participating in the rally.  Candidates found under age/overage and not meeting education criteria will be disqualified.

9.         Giving/taking bribe, production of bogus/fake certificates and indulging in unfair means is a criminal offence and liable for punishment under law.

10.       Certificates with overwriting, tampering of seals or erasing/attention of any type will not be accepted.

11.       All documents  submitted by the candidates are verified by government agencies before enrolment into Army. Strong legal action will be taken against individuals submitting fake documents.  Even after recruitment, the service will be terminated if candidates are found to have produced fake documents or gave wrong information at the time of recruitment despite the number of years of service individual may have rendered.

12.       No  compensation  for death/injury/loss  etc during the  rally and no travelling  allowance/dearness  allowance  for journey is admissible.   Candidates will participate in the rally at their own risk and the participation is totally and entirely voluntary.  The signing of Indemnity Bond is a mandatory requirement.
13.Use of Per for mance Enhancing Drugs.      Use of any kind of performing enhancing drugs is strictly banned.
Candidates having been found to have used the same will be debarred from further screening.
14.Tattoo. Permanent body tattoos are only permitted on inner face of forearms i.e From inside of elbow to the wrist
and on the reverse side of palm/back (dorsal) side of hand.  Permanent body tattoos on any other part on the body are not acceptable and candidates w ill be barred from further selection.

15.       If 180 days or more lapse between screening medical at the rally and despatch, medical will be done again and unf it candidates in this review will not be recruited.

16.       Selection is provisional till Rahdari Certificate is issued and candidates are dispatched for training.

17.       Mobile phones are not permitted in the rally site and at the time of CEE.

18.       Candidates are advised in their own interest to undergo medical exam before coming for selection especially with respect to flat foot, poor vision, deformities and physically measurements.  All are advised to ensure that their ears are free of wax by getting it cleaned by a doctor prior to the rally.

19.       Candidates  may require  to  present  themselves at rally  site for three to  four days.   Candidates should  make arrangements for stay under own arrangements.

20.       Negative marking would be applicable in CEE.

21.       Result of written examination will be declared on the official website joinindianarmy.nic.in.   No separate letter will be sent to the candidate.  It is responsibility of candidate to check his result and report to ARO for documentation.
22 Pr ecautionar y Anti COVID Measures.

(a)  All candidates must be in possession of the following while reporting for rally site, without which they will not be allowed to participate in the rally :-
(i) COVID-19 Free/Asymptomatic Cer tificate.  Candidates are requested to be examined by a doctor
from Government Hospital and obtain a COVID-19 free/asymptomatic certificate as per Appendix ‘F’.
certificate should have been issued within 48 hours prior to the rally reporting date.
No Risk Certificate attached as Appendix ‘G’

(iii) Personal face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers.

(b)   Candidates having any symptoms related to  COVID-19 are advised not to move from his home station. Candidates will be returned back if symptoms like fever, cold, cough & running nose are detected at the rally site.
(c)        All candidates will be     thermally  screened  a  the  rally  site.    Candidate  having  higher  than  normal temperature/showing symptoms will be directed to report again on a designated day earmarked by the ARO for all such cases.  If the candidate is again having symptoms  on  the   designated   day,   he  will  not  be  allowed   to participate the rally.

(d)        Candidates are advised to download Arogya Setu Application at least 15 days prior to date of rally and take self assessment regularly.

(e)  Candidates from containment zones will not be allowed to attend the Rally. (f)  DO’s and Don’ts while in recruitment rally:-
(i)         Wear Mask at all the time and before putting on mask, clean with soap and water.  Replace mask
with a new one as soon as it is damp and do not re-use single use mask.

(ii)         Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water during verification of documents and prior to appearing for the tests. The same will be available at site.

(iii)        Maintain social distancing as per government orders amongst each order.  Don’t touch your body parts on any surface unnecessarily.

(iv)        Finally, be supportive, be careful, be alert and be safe.
23.Candidate can Apply in only One Category.  If anyone is found registered for multiple trade/category, he will be
disqualified and will not be considered for any trade/category.  Choose wisely before applying.

24.       For more details contact on :-

(a)        Telephone Number        -           0364 – 2506581, 2504177

Disclaimer :- The terms and conditions given in the notification and on the website are subject to change and should therefore, be treated a guidelines only.   In case of any ambiguity, the existing policies, rules and regulations of Indian Army/Government of India will be final.  Details are also available on website www.joinindianarmy.nic.in.

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