Recruitment of various post in HIMACHAL PRADESH UNIVERSITY

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4.         Mode  of Payment:-
The  desirous  & eligible  candidates   shall  have  to pay  requisite  application   fee online  by debit/credit card or internet  banking,  as the case may be~ on or before the prescribed  closing  date for submission  of online application.

5.         Parameters     for Screening!   Selection:
AU applications   shall  be  screened   by  duly  constituted   Screening   Committee   for  determination   of eligibility  of each candidate.   Incomplete  applications  shall be rejected  summarily.  No correspondence in this regard  shall be entertained.   The academic  score component  as specified  in Appendix   11 (Table
1,2 & 3A)  of  the  UGC  Regulations,   2018  for  the  post  of Professor,   Associate   Professor,   Assistant Professor  and Coaches!  Assistant  Professor   respectively  shall be applicable  for screening  of applicants for   interview.   The   selection   shall   be  based   only  on  the  performance    in  the   interview,   as  per Notification  No. 3-29!94  HPU (Genl.)  dated  12-12-2019,  which  is available  on University  website  and recruitment  portal.

1.   The  candidates   must  read  the  INSTRUCTIONS   CAREFULLY   before  uploading  the  information on Online  Application   for the relevant  post(s).
2.   Date   for  determining    eligibility   of  all  candidates   in  respect   of  essential   qualification(s)    and
experience,   if any,  etc.  shall  be the prescribed  closing  date  for submission   of Online  Application i.e. 07-01-2021 (Closing  date).
3.   The  candidates    are  advised   to  keep  the  USER   ID  and  PASSWORD,     as  the  same  will   be applicable  for all future reference.
4.   The candidate(s)   is also required  to submit hardcopy  after downloading  the online  application  form along  with  requisite   relevant   documents   in  support  of  the  information   uploaded   in  the  online application.   The  separate  hardcopy  alongwith  all the requisite  documents   for each  post(s)  should reach   in  the  University    on  22-01-2021 upto  05:00  p.m.  However,   the  candidate   residing   in Andman   and  Nicobar   Islands,   Lakshadweep,   Ladakh,   Assam,   Tripura,   Meghalaya,   Nagaland, Manipur,   Mizorarn   Arunachal   Pradesh,  Pangi  and  Bharmour   Sub  Division   of  Chamba   District, Dodra  Kwar  Sub  Division   of Shimla  District,  Kinnaur    Districts  and  Lahul  &  Spiti  Districts  of Himachal   Pradesh,   the  last  date  for  receiving  of  hardcopy    of  online  application   form  shall  be
07-02-2021  Up to  05:00  p.m.  The  University   will  not  be  responsible   for  any  postal  delay.  The
hardcopy   of  the  online  application   form  alongwith   all  relevant  documents   should  reach  in  the office  of The  Deputy   Registrar,    Recruitment    Branch,   H.P.  University,    Gyan   Path,   Summer Hill,   Shimla-171005(H.P.)      on  or  before  the  above  prescribed   the  last  dates  of  submission   of hardcopy.
5.   If the candidate   is willing  to apply  for the  same post  in different  Department/Institution    / Centre,
Separate  application   form  is required  to be uploaded,  the candidate  must  ensure  before  applying that they  are eligible  according  to the criteria  determined  in the advertisement!   UGC  Regulations
2018  ! NCTE   Regulations-2014    (for  the  post  in Education/   Assistant   Professor/   Coaches).  The candidates   for  the  post  of  coaches  besides  UGC!  NCTE  qualifications   shall  have  obtained  One year diploma  in Sports  Coaching  in the respective  games as shown  against  each. If the candidate  is found  ineligible  at any  stage  or hide/  suppress  the  information   or furnished  the false  information, his!  her  candidature   will  be  cancelled  at  any  stage  of  the  recruitment   process  and  shall  also  be liable for legal action  in accordance  with law.
6.   The  candidate   must  have  cleared  National   Eligibility   Test  (NET)  conducted   by UGC,  CSIR  or similar  test  accredited   by  the  UGC  like  SLET!  SET  or who  are  or have  been  awarded  a Ph.D. degree  in accordance  with  the University  Grants  Commission  (Minimum  Standards  and Procedure for   Award   of  M.PhiLl    Ph.D.   Degree)   Regulations,    2009   read   with   Regulation,    2016   and amendments  thereon  from time to time as the case may be.
Provided  further  a candidate   registered   for the  Ph.D.  programme   prior  to July  11, 2009  shall  be
governed   by   the   provisions    of  the   then   existing   Ordinance!    Bye-laws!   Regulations   of  the University  concerned   awarding  the degree.  All such  Ph.D.  candidates  shall  be exempted  from the requirement  of the NET!SET  for recruitment  and appointment   of Assistant  Professor  or equivalent position  in the University  subject  to fulfillment  of the following  conditions>
(a) The Ph.D.  degree  of the candidate  has been awarded  in regular  mode only.
(b) The Ph. D. thesis  has been evaluated  by at least two external  examiners. (c) An open Ph.D. viva voce of the candidate  has been conducted .
. (d) The candidate  has published  two research  papers from his!her Ph. D. work out of which at
least one is in a refereed journal.

(e) The candidate  has presented  at least two papers,  based  on his/ her Ph.D.  work in conferences/    seminars  sponsored/  funded I supported by the UGC/ ICSSRJ CSIR or any similar agency.
The fulfllment    of these  conditions   is to be certified  by the Registrar   or the Dean  of Stu dies/ Deant/; cademic  Affairs)   of the  University  concerned.
7.  The candidates must fulfill the required essential educational Qualification(s) I Experience and
other conditions before the closing date of online portal as mentioned in the advertisement to avoid disqualification.
8.   The benefit of reservation     for various post(s) will be admissible only to the candidates, who are
Bonafide    residents    of  Himachal    Pradesh    in respect of categories, viz.    S.C., S.T., O.B.C., E.W.S., B.P.L., Ex-Servicemen, WFF and Persons with Benchmark Disabilities. The candidates are required to submit certificate in support of the claim of her/ his category as prescribed by the State Govt. from time to time.
9.  Candidates claiming reservation under EWS(Economically Weaker Section) shall have to submit
"Income and Asset Certificate" in respect of their family, duly issued by the competent authority on the prescribed format as specified in Department of Personnel's  (State Government of HP) instruction    No. PER(AP)-C-B(12)-1/2019     dated 11.03.2019  along with their application form on
or before the closing date of receipt of applications prescribed in this advertisement, failing which
their application will not be considered.
10. The appointment of the EWS category applicant shall be provisional and subject to the Income and asset certificate being verified through the proper channels and if the verification reveals that the claim to belong to EWS is fake/false the services will be terminated forthwith without assigning any further reasons and  without prejudice to such further action as may be taken  under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code for production of fake/false  certificate.
11. In case any Economically Weaker Section (EWS) candidate is not available for selection the post will be treated automatically as de-reserved and will be filled up from a non- EWS candidate of Un-Reserved category.
12. The category of the candidate claimed in the online application for the relevant post shall be
treated as final. In case hislher category undergoes a change before the prescribed closing date for submission of online  applications, then the candidate shall have  to  cancel  his /her  previous
application and have to  apply afresh under the category which he/she  intends to claim after updating category in his /her application. In such a situation, the fee deposited by the candidate earlier shall stand forfeited and he/she shall has to deposit fresh fee as  is applicable for the category claimed by hirnlher.
13. In-service candidates must submit their hardcopy through proper channel. However, advance copy of the same may be submitted as per schedule mentioned above. Such candidates are required to produce the N.O.C. from the concerned Department  at the time of personal interview.
14. The candidates called for interview shall have to essentially come with the original documents in support of their claims in Online Application and as prescribed in the interview call letter. failing which he/she shall not be considered for the interview.  No TNDA  will be admissible for attending interview.
15. In case of any dispute, suits or legal proceedings against the University, the territorial jurisdiction shall be restricted to the Courts in H.P. at Hon'ble High Court of Himachal Pradesh and District Court at Shimla.
16. Those candidates, who have applied earlier in response to offline advertisements issued bv the University from time to time, required to apply afresh through online portal of the University with requisite application fees.
17. The  University  reserves  the  right  to  Revise/  Reschedule/  cancell  suspend/  withdraw  the recruitment   process without assigning any reason. The Number of post(s) is! are tentative und may increase or decrease from time to time.
18. Any addendum/ corrigendum! notices and any other information shall be posted on the University web ite only. The: candidates nrc advised to check the University Website regularly.
19. Any  clarification/  guidance/  informruion   regarding  online: upplicutiou/Iecs  can  b ~ hud  on Telephone No. OI77-2N3364M  and 2N3)6 ......und cluriflcution/  information regarding qualitlcation and other criteria can be obtained Oil Telephone No. 0 177-26)J"06 and 28.':1510.
Tlte Cfllldid"te\'  tlrt! tlfh'/,'et/ Itl '!hit  fhr   If,,lv("r.-.:/ll' wt!b",ll" [rom  ,11".- 10 111,,(, Ii"   IIpdah's  I" thei,  OW"  ;"'t're.\•t.




Endst.   No. 3-2/2019-   HPU(Rectt.)                                                                               Dated:   07-12-2020

Copy for favour  of wide publicity  to:

1.The  Secretary  to Governor  (Chancellor),   H.P. Raj Bhawan,  Shimla-171   002.
2.The  Principal  Secretary  (Higher  Education)  to the Govt.  of Himachal  Pradesh,  Shimla. The  3.Director  of Higher  Education, Himachal  Pradesh  Shimla-171   002.
4.The Dean  of Studies  IDSW/ Dean CDC/Dean  Planning  / Chief  Warden,  HPU,  Shirnla
5.All the Chairmen / Chairpersons,   HPU, Teaching  Departments.
6.The  Employment   Information & Guidance  Bureau,  HPU,  Campus,  Shimla-I? I 005
7.The  Director,  ICDEOLlUIIT,   HPU,  Shimla-171  005.
8.The Direct.or, H.P.  University  Regional  Centre,  Dhararnshala, District  Kangra  (HP). The Director,  University   College  of Business  Studies,  HPU,  Shimla-171   004.
9.The  Director,  University   School  of Legal Studies,  HPU,  Shirnla-  171 004.
10.The Principal,   H.P.  University  Centre  for Evening  Studies,  Shimla-171  001.
11.The  Finance  Officer  / Librarian!  Asstt,  Registrar  (Adrnn.)  / (Budget),  Assistant  Registrar
(Estt.)/Acad.   HPU,  Shimla-171  005.
12.The   Public   Relations    Officer,   H.P.   University,    Shimla-5   with   the  request   that   the contents    of   advertisernent/re-advertisernent       Notice   be  got  published    in  atleast   two leading   daily  newspaper   for  wide  publicity   and  also  get  the  contents   be  broadcasted from  Alllndia    Radio,  ShimlaJ Dharamshala/   Hamirpur/  Doordarshan,   Shimla  in 'Rojgar Sarnachar'   bulletin  at least three to five times.
The   Web  Incharge,   H.P.  University,   Shimla-5.   He  is  requested   to  upload   and  make
available  the above  advertisement   on the University  website.
The  Secretary  to VC/SPS  to Vice-Chancellor/   PS to Registrar,  HPU, Shimla-S,
Guard FilelNotice.

HPU, Shimla-171005.

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